Cover artist & feature for Non-Compliant Quarterly issue 1

I’m really excited to have been chosen as the cover artist for the inaugural issue of Non-Compliant Quarterly, a new publication based in Australia “Existing at the intersection of culture, art, activism & thought leadership”. I also have a few pages featuring my work inside. The topic of the first issue is Censorship; something which I feel very strongly about as I’m sure many artists do! I’m very much looking forward also to future issues that are planning to focus on important topics such as racism, ableism and childhood trauma amongst others.

From their website: “We believe that cultural producers have an important role in our collective humanity- to document, to challenge, to create a beautiful reflection and to critique our culture.”

They are also committed to sharing the profit between all contributors, which is a welcome change in an industry that often expects that artists contribute work for free (or “exposure”) and which I think is particularly conscientious for a new and independent publication that by it’s very nature is going to have extra hurdles when it comes to promotion and advertising itself.

You can read more about the magazine and it’s mission statement and purchase a copy (digital &/or print) on their website HERE.

They also have a Patreon page where you can purchase copies and help support production costs as well as be part of a community of like-minded individuals!